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A 3-month Dengue public education campaign will begin on Wednesday, September 22, at the Port Antonio Town Square, Portland.
It is aimed at sensitising residents of the parish to the importance of eradicating mosquito infestation in their communities, and building awareness about the signs and symptoms of the disease. It is being organised by the Portland Health Services, in collaboration with the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) Port Antonio Regional Office.
In an interview with JIS News, Health Education Officer at Portland Health Services, Valrie McLeary, said that based on the fact that Portland is known for its high volume of rainfall, it was important to embark on a ‘mammoth’ education programme, so that the citizens are made aware of the importance of eliminating mosquito breeding sites from their surroundings.
She said the education campaign was to ensure that the citizens ‘stay alert’, and the parish ‘stays under control’.
Declaring that a number of breeding sites have been identified in the parish, she said those areas will be given priority attention under the programme.
Community meetings will be held in Mount Pleasant, Industry, Windsor Forest, Long Bay, Grange Hill, Hopefield, Windsor Castle and Kildare. Residents will be informed of the meeting dates, through wayside announcements to be carried out by the JIS.
Mrs. McLeary urged the residents to take part in the public education campaign in their areas, and to take all necessary precautions, such as disposing of all unwanted water-holding containers.
Dengue Fever is spread through contact with the aedes aegypti mosquito. Common symptoms of Dengue Fever include sudden onset of high fever with severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle pain, bone or joint pain, skin rash, and vomiting or feeling nauseous.

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