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PORT ANTONIO — Preparations are in high gear for St. Mary’s participation in the three-day Denbigh Agri-Industrial and Food Show slated for July 30 to August 1 in May Pen, Clarendon.

Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) Parish Manager for St. Mary, Lavon Murdock, told JIS News that arrangements were progressing smoothly.

She said all JAS branches in the parish have been mobilised to ensure the full participation of farmers in the various communities.

As part of the preparations, refurbishing work will be carried out on the parish pavilion to improve the condition of the structure and boost the attractiveness of the exhibits.

Miss Murdock informed that clean up of the pavilion has already started in preparation for the work to be carried out, which includes painting, repairing of the roof and display stand, and maintenance work on the sewage system.

She told JIS News that every effort is being made to ensure that the parish improves on its performance from last year, where it failed to gain a position in the competitive events due to logistical difficulties.

The JAS Parish Manager lauded the enthusiasm being shown by the farmers, noting that they are determined to give a good account of the parish over the three days.

Expressing confidence that the exhibits from St. Mary will be of the highest quality, Miss Murdock said it will also serve to influence Jamaicans to support the local farming sector by “eating what we grow and growing what we eat”. 



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