JIS News

The Denbigh High School in Clarendon recently staged a career day to expose students to prospects in variety of fields, while highlighting the evolution of various careers and organisations over the five decades of Jamaica's Independence.

Under the theme: ‘Smart Career Choices through 50 years of Independence – Jamaica’s Road Map to Success,’ the event was part of activities by the school to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence in 2012.

Among the institutions and organisations represented were: the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus, Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), Royal Bank of the Caribbean, National Commercial Bank (NCB), Bethlehem Teachers’ College, National Youth Service (NYS), Jamaica Fire Brigade, and the HEART Trust/NTA.

Guidance Counsellor at Denbigh High, Claudette Parchment, told JIS News that in keeping with the yearlong 'Jamaica 50' celebrations, organisations were encouraged, through their booth displays and presentations, to demonstrate how their organisation had changed since 1962.

The JIS mounted a colourful pictorial, showcasing how the television, radio and editorial departments, the press, and computer services, have improved through modern technology and equipment.

In addition to the display, JIS Senior Reporter Allan Brooks spoke to the students about careers in journalism.

“We have careers in print, web editing, photo journalism, website designing and layout, and a wide range of careers in radio and television as reporters, script writers, producers, among many others,” he said.

He also told the students that in pursuing careers in the media and in any other profession; they must be prepared to work long hours and show dedication to the task at hand. “It’s not just about your aptitude, but about your attitude,” he stated.

Miss Parchment said she was elated at the presence of the JIS. “I’m really glad that you could make it. You’ve added flavour to our exposition and for that we are truly grateful," she said.