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The deadline for entries for the National Literacy Essay and Poster Competition has been extended to Friday (Nov. 14).
“I want to encourage teachers to submit the entries to the Regional Directors at their respective offices and college students are being reminded that they can participate,” said National Literacy Co-ordinator, Laurel Brent Harris.
The competition is being held under the theme: ‘Literacy the Best Remedy’ and is open to persons in the age categories seven to nine; 10 to 12; 13 to 17 and 18 and over, which is restricted to non professionals. Both essays and posters should effectively reflect the theme.
There will be a regional judging and schools and other institutions are advised to select the three best entries from each category for the regional competition. The three best products from each category in the regions will then be submitted for the national finals, which will culminate on December 17.
According to Mrs. Brent Harris, the entries for the poster competition should be no less than 16×20 inches or 40×50 centimetres, must be in colour and properly labeled. Posters shall be marked for their originality, craftsmanship and presentation.
Essays will be judged based on their content, evidence of research, organisation, and use of language and presentation. Participants in each category are expected to satisfy a word limit. The categories and word limits are seven to nine, 75 to 120 words; 10 to 12, 150 to 200 words; 13 to 17, 250 to 350 words; 18 and over, 500 to 700 words and college trainees 850 to 1200 words.
Persons requiring further information are being asked to contact the Regional Literacy Co-ordinators. They are, in Region 1, Erica Ewbanks; Region 2, Darolyn Cross or Coleen Burke; Region 3, Hyacinth Fisher; Region 4, Andre Hill; Region 5, Ivoline Fletch and Region 6, June Blythe-Livingston or Jennifer Silvera.

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