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The Clarendon Disaster Committee is assessing the level of damage in the parish as a result of Hurricane Ivan, while the process of registration of personal loss is expected to commence today, September 15.
Nether Lyttle, Disaster Coordinator for Clarendon, told JIS News that where possible, persons were being asked to return to their communities and carry out clean up activities until the assessment process had been completed.
Clarendon was one of the worst hit parishes from Hurricane Ivan, with eight persons confirmed dead. Three bodies were discovered under the Alley Bridge while another five bodies were discovered in the Portland Cottage community.
Other badly affected communities were Rocky Point, Mitchell Town, Alley, Lionel Town and Board Villa in the Toll Gate area. Approximately 25 shelters were opened across the parish to accommodate 1,500 persons, who lost their homes to the hurricane.
Mr. Lyttle mentioned that shelters in the southern section of the parish were visited by the Public Health Department and medical personnel, and at least 240 persons were treated for various ailments.
Food is being provided to the shelters by the parish welfare committee, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Poor Relief Department, the Red Cross, the Parish Council and the Social Development Commission.
According to Mr. Lyttle, contact with the northern part of the parish has been lost because the communication system was down. However, he is aware that bedding has been provided to a number of the shelters by the Minister of Labour and Social Security and Member of Parliament for North Clarendon, Horace Dalley. The Kellits Zonal Committee is providing food to these shelters.
There is a possibility that persons in the Aenon Town, Bog Hole and Cave Valley areas in the northern part of the parish have been marooned as a result of severe damage to roads. The National Works Agency (NWA) and the Clarendon Parish Council have begun to clear the major roadways.
The parish still remains without power and piped water but the National Water Commission has been trucking water to the May Pen Hospital and the communities of Toll Gate, Portland Cottage, Mitchell Town, Rocky Point and Bushy Park.

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