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More than 600 persons in St. Mary have been assessed so far for damage and losses suffered, as a result of the passage of Hurricane Dean on August 19. The assessment, which began on Monday, August 20, is being carried out by the Port Maria office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
Hundreds of persons in various communities have been inconvenienced as a result of the havoc wreaked on the parish by the hurricane, including damage to housing and infrastructure, widespread destruction in agriculture and disruption to electrical and water supply systems.
Pamiel Scott, Manager of the St. Mary office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, told JIS News that communities in which assessments have already been done include Carron Hall, Port Maria, Bailey’s Vale, Highgate, Oracabessa, Mango Valley, Retreat, Labyrinth Gayle, Dressikie, Wood Park, Clonmel, Belfield, Enfield, Annotto Bay, Guys Hill and Killancholly.
She said more than 60 communities have been assessed so far, adding that relief items including tarpaulins and food supplies were also being distributed to affected persons simultaneously with the assessment programme.
Miss Scott pointed out that the assessment would last for 10 days, and that the Ministry was working closely with the Jamaica Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA) to conduct and complete the assessment programme.

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