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Health Minister, Horace Dalley, has commended the nation’s health workers for their courage and sacrifice in helping to contain the spread of the malaria disease.
“Jamaica is fortunate.I have never seen such dedication, such commitment from anywhere I have worked since I have been in public life,” Mr. Dalley stated as he addressed a contract signing ceremony for the replacement of windows at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay on Thursday (Dec. 7) He noted that since the first cases of the disease were reported in Kingston about a week ago, the health workers in Kingston and adjoining parishes have worked tirelessly to tackle the outbreak and treat patients.
“When I saw the level of commitment and the work beyond the call of duty that I have seen from last week Thursday, displayed by the public health, clinical and administrative staff of the Ministry of Health, we can be proud of our workers in Jamaica”, Minister Dalley stated.
He expressed confidence that with the help of the health workers, the outbreak would soon be brought under control and the country would once again be malaria free.
He noted that so far, the disease has been confined to the corporate area and of the 49 cases, which have been registered so far, 23 persons have been successfully treated and sent home. “The others are in hospital and we hope that some will be released during the course of this weekend,” he stated.
In the meantime, the window replacement work at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, which is scheduled to begin in two weeks, will be undertaken at a cost of $32.8 million.
The project, the Health Ministry said, brought to four the number of contracts signed for improvement works at the facility, at the end of which the hospital would be better equipped for the effective delivery of health care to the region.
He noted that the hospital’s roof, intensive care unit, elevators and the general structure, would be given attention by Christmas.