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The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) is looking into the possibility of introducing a primary school exit examination within the next two years, as the organisation seeks to expand its offerings.
CXC Pro-Registrar, Mr. Glenroy Cumberbatch, said that while most Caribbean countries have their own primary school exit examination there is still need for a regional test.
“One of the problems around the region is that people are travelling much more and CSM (CARICOM Single Market) is facilitating greater movement of people. So, you do an exam in Jamaica and then you go to work and live in another country and you’re taking your children with you, what happens? In some cases people ask you to take another exam,” he noted.
Mr. Cumberbatch contended that if there was one regional exam, then persons could move easily, without worrying about acceptance of their children’s primary school qualifications.
Other areas into which the CXC is looking to expand is the administering of psychometric exams to measure persons’ aptitude for certain jobs as well as certification of persons in sub-specialties, such as organic chemistry.
Mr. Cumberbatch said that as the Council looks ahead, one of its major goals is to become less reliant on the subsidies provided by regional governments. He says the CXC has already signed a contract with a publisher for distribution and marketing of syllabuses, past papers and study guides, which should see the Council receiving more revenue from their sales.
The CXC also plans to develop interactive sites, which will allow students, who have difficulty in a subject area, to link with persons, who can help.

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