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Representatives of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and the Council for Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) will be touring a number of 4-H projects in St. Elizabeth, which suffered damage during Hurricane Ivan last year, and have since received funding for rehabilitation.
The tour, which will take place on Thursday, June 9, will see personnel from both organisations visiting the Warminster Training Centre, the Sydney Pagon Agricultural School and the St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS).
In an interview with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton said that the tour was mainly to evaluate the progress of the various projects that had received assistance from the CVSS.
“The CVSS has over the years contributed to the development of the 4-H Clubs, as we are one of its implementers of youth programmes, and the organisation has always responded to the needs of the 4-H Clubs,” he said.
“In this particular instance, Hurricane Ivan did considerable damage to the 4-H Clubs, both infrastructurally and agriculturally. However, the funds we received from CVSS only addressed the damage incurred in the agricultural aspect,” Mr. Fulton added.
He pointed out that the CVSS donated more than $10 million to the 4-H Clubs to assist in their rehabilitation and recovery efforts. Of this sum, about.
$4.2 million was used to rehabilitate agricultural projects at its centres, whilst the remaining sum was used to rehabilitate 4-H Club projects in various institutions.
A total of $245,000 was allotted to the Warminster Training Centre to assist in rehabilitating its goat, peanut and cassava projects; $300,000 was donated to the St. Elizabeth Technical High School, to assist in revamping its poultry project; and more than $830,000 was donated to the Sydney Pagon Agricultural School, which was used to rehabilitate its pig stalls, and rebuild and restock its layer unit, which currently houses 500 birds.
Other 4-H Club beneficiaries include the Holmwood and Dinthill Technical High Schools, New Forest Primary and Junior High School, Lacovia High School, Garvey Maceo Comprehensive High School, Munro College, Jose Marti Technical High School, Caribbean Christian Centre and the College of Agriculture, Science Education (CASE).

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