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As part of ongoing restoration works, the refurbished Caretaker’s residence and groundsmen change room at King’s House, were officially handed over at a brief ceremony, Wednesday (December 1).
The buildings, which were in a state of disrepair, were refurbished at a cost of approximately $3 million by Custos Rotulorum of Kingston, Steadman Fuller, and his wife, Sonia Fuller, who volunteered to assist.
Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, thanked the Custos and Mrs. Fuller for their input, as well as the individuals who worked on the project. He said a number of restoration projects were being undertaken around the property to just maintain, at limited cost, “so that we don’t have to spend the huge bill on repairs, at a later date.”

The newly refurbished Caretaker’s residence at King’s House, which was officially handed over, along with the restored groundsmen changing room, during a brief ceremony, Wednesday (December 1). Both buildings were repaired at a cost of approximately $3 million by the Custos Rotulorum of Kingston, Steadman Fuller and his wife, Sonia Fuller.

“King’s House does not belong to me, it is the people’s house we are just custodians right now, and when you come to King’s House you must find here a pleasant environment that befits the people of Jamaica,” the Governor-General asserted.
He said the intention is to keep the country’s institutions and monuments at a level that Jamaicans can be seen as individuals who appreciate beauty, who appreciate good culture and who are well bred.
“We have a great heritage, and we want to maintain that heritage,” the Governor-General added.
Custos Fuller, in response, noted that King’s House is a national treasure and needs to remains that way. He commended the Governor General and Lady Allen for the “tremendous work” they have been doing since occupying the premises.
He also noted that the transformation of King’s House was obvious in the gardens, and other parts of the premises which Their Excellencies have undertaken to refresh.

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