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KINGSTON — Jamaica Customs says it has identified areas of delay, amid implementation of strategies to ensure timely cargo clearance at the ports.

In a release Thursday December 22, 2011, the Jamaica Customs Department said it recognized that the delays being experienced were due to the increase in cargo at the ports at this time. However, the department urged customers to be aware that cargo clearance is a collaborative process, involving multiple players. 

“After presenting shipping documents to the Port Operators for processing, there seems to be a delay in the location of the cargo to continue the process of verification, payment of duties and final release.  Jamaica Customs has identified the areas of delay and have already contacted the Warehouse Operators/Port Handlers, to discuss additional methods to reduce further delays during the Christmas period,” the Department said. 

“We remain committed to our customers and, in the New Year, will be continuing the examination of all necessary structural adjustments, and training for both external and internal stakeholders, as we endeavor to improve our processes for efficient cargo and passenger clearance at our ports,” the release concluded.


By Balford Henry, JIS Reporter

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