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Four new detainees were taken into police custody yesterday (June 7, 2010) as the curfew imposed on Sunday morning (June 6, 2010) by the Security Forces on sections of Downtown Kingston including Matthews Lane continued.
The four new detainees who were taken into custody yesterday brought the overall total to 265. Of that amount, 45 are still to be processed. Two of the persons taken into custody have been listed as persons of interest and have been transferred to other police facilities where detectives will continue the interviewing process.
Three additional firearms and several rounds of ammunition were seized by the Security Forces in the curfew area yesterday. The firearms and ammunition seized are as follows:
1 Shotgun and 42 – 12 gauge cartridges
1 .38 Titan Tiger revolver and 15 – .38 rounds (found on Pink Lane)
1 Marlin Winchester rifle and 7 – 30×30 calibre cartridges usually used by snipers (found on Oxford Street).
In addition to the firearms and ammunition seized yesterday in the curfew area, the Security Forces also seized the following:
2 Empty Glock Magazines
1 Police Ballistic Vest (stolen from the Darling Street Police Station when it was set on fire – May 23, 2010).

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