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Youth and Culture Minister, Hon. Lisa Hanna, has announced plans for the establishment of a Cultural and Creative Industries Commission.

She explained that, in so doing, the administration is moving to create the framework which will position the cultural and creative industries among the leading sectors generating foreign exchange earnings for Jamaica.

The Minister was delivering her presentation in the 2012/13 Sectoral Debate, in the House of Representatives, on July 3.

Noting that Jamaica is facing “very serious economic challenges,” the Minister said the administration is determined to “confront our economic issues” and “position our country on a path to sustainable prosperity."

Highlighting the estimated net earnings of US$23.8 million which Jamaica reportedly earned in 2010 from cultural services, such as music and sports, and the sector being adjudged as the third highest contributor to the Jamaican economy, the Minister stressed the need for placement of culture at the forefront of the “search for economic solutions."

In this regard, Miss Hanna said a strategic approach to establishing the Commission is being employed.

This, she outlined, will entail: creating a policy framework to position the cultural and creative industries to generate economic growth; building and strengthening the institutional capacity to train persons in jobs that will support the cultural industry; ensuring that the necessary support and incentives are provided to complement and encourage the talent, skill, training and entrepreneurial spirit; and  implementing the promotional and legal framework that will protect the brand of Jamaican music and musicians, and other artistic talents overseas.

Miss Hanna advised that her Ministry would also seek to create community incubators designed to expose, train and develop the country’s “great” musical and artistic talent, starting with the Culture yard in Trench Town, St. Andrew.


By Douglas McIntosh, JIS Reporter