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The Ministry of Health says that an eleven (11) member medical team from Cuba, which will be working at the Ophthalmology Centre in Kingston, will arrive in Jamaica on Saturday (January 9).
The team consists of a doctor, seven nurses and three medical technicians. They will ensure that all systems are in place for the successful operations of the Eye Care Centre.
The Ophthalmology Centre at the St. Joseph’s Hospital, Deanery Road, Kingston, will begin operations shortly. It was established as part of an agreement signed between Jamaica and Cuba, and is expected to go a far way in addressing the eye care needs of Jamaicans, as well as other persons from the CARICOM Region.
A team from the Ministry is now working with Cubans to install equipment at the Centre. The National Chest Hospital, where patients will be sent to recover from surgeries, is now fully equipped.
The team will stay at the newly refurbished staff residence at the National Chest Hospital. The residence was effectively completed at a cost of approximately $6 million and will house 22 Cubans.

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