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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade K.D. Knight has emphasised that the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) will have very positive spin offs for the country through job creation, and would create more opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises.
Minister Knight along with other representatives of the Ministry was speaking at a recent meeting hosted by businesspersons of the Clarendon Chamber of Commerce at the Hotel Versalles. The entrepreneurs wanted to understand the impact of the CSME on the viability of their enterprises.
“When we look at the end result of this.we’re going to be able to have the opportunity to create wealth for countries and very importantly to create jobs for us and at this point it is critical that I make the point that this is not about big companies alone, this is about small and medium enterprises and one of the things we know is that small and medium enterprises create lots of jobs that are sustainable,” Minister Knight said.
He said the CSME would impact positively on the masses of secondary and tertiary level students who would be seeking employment Mr. Knight also noted that the CSME would create a wider market place of about 14 million persons within the 15 member countries of CARICOM.
He noted further that the CSME would facilitate the ease of doing business with other Caribbean territories and would offer opportunities for market integration, regionally and globally.
This Single Market, he said, would primarily facilitate the free movement of goods, services, capital and people, and already five categories of persons including university graduates, media workers, sports persons, artistes and musicians would have the right to seek employment in any CSME participating state.