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The Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) yesterday (May 31) met with residents of West Kingston and stakeholder groups that work in the area, in an effort to assess the state of the communities and develop an action plan to move forward.
Programme Manager of the CSJP, Simeon Robinson, informed JIS News in an interview that there was excellent response to the meeting.
“The persons from the affected communities came out and they were very vocal about the issues. They were very clear about what they want to be done and I think they have clearly indicated their desire to work in this partnership to see that the changes will come about,” Mr. Robinson noted.
He told JIS News that the CSJP has “significant responsibility” in West Kingston and has been given a coordinating role to bring the multi-stakeholder response together. “At the end of the day, we will be developing a highly structured plan of action that we can operationalise in the shortest possible time,” he stated.
According to the CSJP Programme Manager, plans will be put in place to effectively monitor the activities.

Programme Manager for the Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) Simeon Robinson (left), makes a point during yesterday’s (May 30), meeting with stakeholders in West Kingston held at the Ministry of Justice’s Oxford Road office. Chairman of the Management Benevolent Society in Fletcher’s Land, Carlton Fletcher (right) and a CSJP representative, also participated in the meeting, which sought to garner the views of residents affected by the ongoing security operation in West Kingston and develop an action plan to move forward.

“We intend to be able to define roles for the various partners that are going to be in this effort and we intend to put timelines and estimate resource needs so that we have something that we can actually work off, monitor and evaluate,” he explained.
In the meantime, Director of the National Transformation Programme, Rev. Al Miller, said that communities must now work towards getting the transformation process underway.
“This is why we are on this whole move of transformation.and we say to you in the communities, we feel and understand your pain but it is a process and we must start somewhere to work towards that transformation process,” he stated.
“We must vigorously look at what changes must be made and we want you to know that part of why we are here with CSJP and other agencies is to help you to deal with some of those issues in making it better going forward.we just ask that you help us to make it better ,” Rev. Miller added.
The participants at the meeting included representatives from Denham Town, Tivoli Gardens, Fletchers Land, Mid Town and Hannah Town, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Social Development Commission (SDC) and the CSJP.

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