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The Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), in partnership with “Real Man Things”, a radio programme aired on Power 106, will host a special Father’s Day outside broadcast from Trench Town in South St. Andrew, on Sunday, June 20.
The announcement was made by Communications and Social Marketing Coordinator at the CSJP, Gillian Scott, during an interview with JIS News Thursday (June 17).
“CSJP’s target market is primarily at risk young males from volatile and vulnerable communities. and so with this in mind we thought that it was a good fit to partner with ‘Real Man Things’ to broadcast the message of change and the message of CSJP’s crime prevention services for at risk males,” Miss Scott said.
“We are continuing this partnership on Sunday, when we have a Father’s Day broadcast from Culture Yard in Trench Town,” she added, noting that the broadcast will honour young men and fathers from the area.
According to her, the broadcast will, among other things, give the young men an opportunity to discuss issues affecting them. She stated that the objective is to assure them that Government is working on their behalf, and partnering with the community to ensure restoration and normality in the post security operations period.
“We want to give them an idea of some of the services and the work that is going to be conducted in the community. but, above all, we want to really encourage the young men and the older fathers to come out and enjoy the rap sessions with us, discuss fatherhood, responsibility and discuss all the things that are necessary to make a real man”, Miss Scott explained.
She said that “Real Man” awards will be presented to the outstanding men.
“This would be an opportunity for many persons in Western Kingston (police division) to nominate men, whom they feel typify a real man”, Miss Scott informed.
The Real Man Awards was the brainchild of an avid New York listener to the “Real Man Things” programme, Winsome Foderingham.
In the meantime Host of “Real Man Things”, Kevin Wallen, said that the broadcast will highlight men in Trench Town who are doing well.
“The world knows about Trench Town.we just want to go in there and see how it is we can uplift it.by just using the opportunity to highlight the men and even some of the men in Trench Town who are doing wonderful things”, the Power 106 host noted.
“I recognize that sometimes we [men] get a bad name because we deserve it, and sometimes we get a bad name because of what people in the past have done, and I think this is the opportunity for us to really highlight some of the good things men are doing right now,” he said.
According to the CSJP’s Community Action Officer, Marcia Flynn, who oversees activities in Hannah Town, Denham Town and Trench Town, the outside broadcast with “Real Man Things” is a good opportunity for the men.
“Our men have been marginalized, especially fathers, we tend to bash them more than big them up, so this is a good opportunity,” Miss Flynn emphasized.
The outside broadcast will air on Power 106 from 9:00 p.m to 10.30 p.m. and is being sponsored by CSJP, Churches Cooperative Credit Union and Communications and Business Solutions Limited.

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