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The Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC), the body which regulates the Canadian broadcasting industry, is to consider an application for a licence to operate a radio station dedicated to the Caribbean and African communities in Toronto, Canada.
Fitzroy Gordon, the Jamaican-born President of the Caribbean African Radio Network (CARN), the group which has applied for the licence, said the CRTC would hold a public hearing on January 16, 2006 to consider this and other applications.
Mr. Gordon was speaking at a press conference held recently at the offices of the Jamaican Consulate General in Toronto, to give an update on the status of his group’s application.
He said if CARN was successful in its bid, the radio station would give a voice to the 500,000-strong Caribbean and African residents of the Toronto area. “CARN will champion the cause for our community, providing programming that will benefit the community that is more than music,” he explained.
Mr. Gordon said the station would promote Caribbean and African news, talk, sports and music.”This is an opportunity to stay connected with our countries of origin every day, all day. Dialogue about social, religious and economical issues affecting the Caribbean and African communities will be promoted. In addition, our artistes, athletes, businesses and organizations will be able to utilize the airways to promote their endeavours,” he said.
He said that CARN was seeking letters of support from members of the community, “to demonstrate to the government that our community needs and wants this radio station”. The group expects to be able to submit some 10,000 support letters to the CRTC by December 20 of this year.
CARN has already garnered the support of several persons in the Caribbean and African community, including journalists Herman Silochan and Jai Maharaj and pastors Rev. Audley James of Revivaltime Tabernacle and Rev. Don Meredith of GTA Faith Alliance.
Rev. James said CARN has his full support because it has promised to provide “programmes that our community desperately needs”, while Rev. Meredith said the radio station “is high time, the right time and our time”.

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