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Some critical infrastructure, such as roads, water supply systems, and community facilities in North West Clarendon, are to be worked on with money from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
This was noted by Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce and Member of Parliament (MP) for North West Clarendon, Hon. Michael Stern, at a CDF forum, held at the Edwin Allen High School, in Frankfield, Clarendon, on June 16.
He also said that other projects, such as housing assistance and welfare matters would receive help through the CDF.
“Some projects such as housing assistance are automatic, since all MPs request it. Welfare matters are also permanent. No project that requires on-going sustainable payments will be supported. The CDF will help get sustainable projects up and going, but it will not help with sustainable bills,” the State Minister said.
Mr. Stern pointed out that not all areas identified would be addressed, since the CDF allotment to each MP is only $20 million.
“There is no way $20 million can do all the projects. In the end, we all have to select priorities,” he said.
The MP explained that for some projects, a viable community-based organisation should be identified to assist with the commencement of such projects.
He mentioned one particular project, the rehabilitation of the Flowers Corner Road in Spaldings, that receives funding from the CDF and overseas.
“The Flowers Corner road started with CDF funds. We cut and marled the road and under the Chinese road rehabilitation programme, we are seeking to have the funding in place to do the water channels, the drainage and to asphalt the road,” the State Minister added.
Meanwhile, Mr. Stern lauded the residents of the various communities who came out on Labour Day to help work on the projects, especially those which focussed on the upgrading of critical community infrastructure, such as roads and post offices.
The constituency of North West Clarendon consists of the divisions of Frankfield, Thompson Town, Ritchies and Spaldings.

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