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Criminal activities in the parish of Trelawny continue to decline since the start of this year, in keeping with the trend towards the end of 2010.

At the same time, the number of Police personnel assigned to that parish has been beefed up, as several new developmental projects are taking place in the parish.

In a report tabled at the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council, on February 10, Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of Operations in Trelawny, Errol Thompson, said everything is being done to keep a lid on the crime situation. Approximately 224 cases of major crimes were recorded in the parish for 2010, down from 267 cases reported the previous year.

“I wish to tell you that there is a downward trend in criminal activities since the start of the year, and there has not been one murder in the parish since the start of the year,” Mr. Thompson said.

He expressed concern at the number of break-ins taking place in the residential area of Falmouth, adding that the police are putting in some additional strategies to deal specifically with that issue.

Deputy Superintendent Thompson said in keeping with the national focus, information is being gathered and strategies put in place to deal with gang activities in the parish.

He also expressed concern about the number of itinerant vendors in the town of Falmouth. “Because it is very unsightly for you to have a vendor here or handcart there, and with the upgrading of what is happening in the town now, and the restructuring, we really cannot present the town in the fashion that it is currently in,” he argued.

Mr. Thompson said he has held meetings with some of the vendors and community groups, and that something will be done about the situation soon.



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