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A Bill seeking to make provision for the fulfilment of Jamaica’s commitment to the efficient and effective staging of Cricket World Cup 2007, was tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday (October 3).
The ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Act, 2006, also referred to as the ‘sunset legislation’, is being created for the sole purpose of the holding of Cricket World Cup next year, and is intended to make provisions for an efficient and effective staging of the games; safe, orderly conduct of the games; protection of intellectual property rights; protection of broadcasting rights, as well as remedies for the infringement of such rights.
The legislation is a required stipulation for the nine countries in the region hosting Cricket World Cup games.
Participating CARICOM countries are required, as a condition of their hosting, to enter into an agreement called the Host Venue Agreement between ICC Cricket World Cup and Cricket World Cup West Indies, a subsidiary of the West Indies Cricket Board.
The Act covers the general conduct expected at CWC venues and authorise police officers to exercise the power of removal.
It deals with entry and exit to the stadium, unauthorised entry, reserved areas for seating, members’ entitlement during match periods, conduct within the venues, prohibited or restricted items for the venues, surrender of items, sale of goods, and requirements to state names and addresses.
The Act also details the control of advertising; prohibition of certain advertising on land, buildings and structures; prohibition of certain advertisements, commercial broadcasting, telecasting, recording or filming; prohibition of certain practices and promotional use of the tickets.
There is also provision for special arrangements, which will include working with regular governmental legislation to deal with road closures; visas; work permits; import and export duties; exemption from income tax and other taxes; exemption of taxes on cricket tickets; weekend banking, Sunday trading by general shops and control of air space.
The ICC World Cup West Indies 2007 Act will expire on June 30, 2007.

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