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Preparations for the hosting of Cricket World Cup 2007 got into high gear on the weekend with the corner stone laying and handing over of the Cricket World Cup 2007 Headquarters located in New Kingston to the ICC CWC West Indies Limited, a subsidiary of the West Indies Cricket Board.
Prime Minister P.J. Patterson who delivered the main address said the Government and people of Jamaica are honoured to host the CWC West Indies Ltd. adding that the new state-of-the art facility should provide a good foundation and platform for the preparation of the Cricket World Cup which the region will host in 2007. The building is being refurbished by the Government and leased to the West Indies Cricket Board for five years at a nominal cost of one dollar per year.
Mr. Patterson said Jamaica’s decision to offer the facility was not done in a spirit of rivalry, but rather as a contribution to the game and in furtherance of regional integration. “Jamaica did not hesitate to offer itself, not in a spirit of rivalry, but as a contribution to the game, the furthering of Caribbean integration and in recognition that we could offer the requisite facility,” the Prime Minister said.
Prime Minister Patterson noted that the choice of the West Indies as the venue for the World Cup was testimony to the region’s distinctive contribution to cricket. He said the event would be a massive undertaking that should not be viewed from a purely recreational perspective. “It is a major commercial venture with significant spin offs in terms numerous commercial activities,” Mr. Patterson stressed.
He said the staging of Cricket World Cup 2007 would help to boost the strong growth now taking place in the tourism sector and that the business community should begin their preparations to be able to satisfy the expected demand for goods and services. This Mr. Patterson said would include the development of the Kingston Business District.
The Prime Minister pointed out that a national effort would be required if Jamaica is to fully play its part and benefit for the staging of the World Cup. He said the planning and successful running of the games must not only include the Government, the WICB and the local cricket fraternity, but also the private sector, non-governmental organisations and every facet of civil society.

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