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The St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union has donated five executive chairs valued at $50,000, to the Linstead Resident Magistrate’s Court in St. Catherine. The chairs are to be used by the judges.
President of the Credit Union, Silvera Castro handed over the chairs to Chief Justice Lensley Wolfe at a ceremony held yesterday (February 23) in Linstead. The ceremony was attended by members of the Lay Magistrates’ Association and officers of the Co-operative.
In accepting the gift, Mr. Wolfe said the Credit Union and the Lay Magistrates of St. Catherine had demonstrated that they “understand and accept the message that everyone needs to become involved in dealing with the problem which this country faces”.
“The notion that it is the Government alone which must solve the crime problem has been the greatest mistake that this nation has been making,” the Chief Justice said.
Mr. Wolfe said it was essential for persons to give information to the police, as the members could not solve crimes unless those present at the scenes were willing to give information to the Police.
Additionally, he said the Courts could not dispose of cases, unless witnesses who gave statements to the police were prepared to come to court and testify.
In his address, Mr. Castro said the Credit Union was pleased to make the donation, “to improve the comfort level of judges while they dispense justice”. He appealed to organizations and businesses in and outside of St. Catherine to improve the image of the parish, and to encourage boys to achieve.
“We need to assist in funding the Boys’ Brigade, the Cub and Scout Movement and the Cadet Force to bring back some discipline and decency to our beloved land,” Mr. Castro said.
He emphasized that if the society was disciplined, the work of the judges would be made easier.
“There will be little or no backlog in cases. Investors will come in droves, job creation will be at an acceptable level and the Credit Union will be called on to play a greater role,” Mr. Castro said.

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