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The court of Appeal today ruled in favour of Prime Minister Bruce Golding in dismissing the cases brought by the Opposition Leader, Portia Simpson Miller, challenging the removal of former members of the Public Service Commission (PSC).
The Opposition Leader had requested an extension of time to apply for judicial review into the matter. Mrs. Simpson-Miller has been ordered to pay the legal costs incurred by the Prime Minister and the Attorney General.
A statement from the Attorney General’s chambers said the verdict in favour of the Prime Minister, was reached after the court heard submissions by attorneys representing the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and the Leader of the Opposition.
This ruling dismissed the order made by Mr. Justice McIntosh on January 10th granting the Opposition Leader an extension of time to apply for judicial review.
The Prime Minister had appealed against a ruling on December 13, which granted leave to the Opposition Leader to go to the Judicial Review Court to prevent him from making recommendations to dismiss the former PSC members on the grounds of misbehaviour. According to the Attorney General, the Court of Appeal found that the extension of time to apply for judicial review was wrongfully granted by Mr. Justice McIntosh and so ruled that this was the end of the matter.

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