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The Court Management Services (CMS) has extended its offerings with the official launch of its website, which will allow users to become more informed about the role and functions of the entity.

The website, boasts a user-friendly capability, which makes the services offered more easily accessible to the public, said ICT Infrastructure Manager at the entity, Ryan Morris.

Mr. Morris, who highlighted the features of the website at the CMS’ Year-in-Review conference held recently at the Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston, stated that it is simple and caters to user interface. It features several aspects of the CMS, such as its mission and vision statements, history, recent and upcoming court-related events and the island’s various court locations.  

He noted that at first glance, users will be able to identify that it is the CMS’ website through the various images, slideshows and photos showcasing the entity.

He noted however that the website is not only for CMS purposes but for the entire justice system and other users as well, as it provides information “on court management services, its role and functions within the nation’s justice system and just putting court management services out there as a brand itself."

Mr. Morris stated that in addition to providing accurate and detailed information, the website will create a channel for interactivity between the users and the CMS.

“Feedback is very important to us at CMS….users of the site can provide feedback on just about anything, whether about the website itself, court services and any other offering,” he noted.

The CMS was set up in 2008 by the Government, through the Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with the Public Sector Modernisation Division (PSMD), Cabinet Office.

The entity serves to restructure the institutional framework through which administrative services are provided to the courts and further strengthen judicial independence.


By Shevoneese McFarlane/Kadian Brown

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