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Secretary General of CARICOM, Dr. Edwin Carrington, has said that several member states have expressed a willingness to accommodate Haitians, who might seek refuge from the devastation caused by the January 12 earthquake.
Already, Jamaica is making preparations to accept Haitians, who may arrive on its shores, and Dr. Carrington stated that other Governments are also onboard.
“In fact, I saw a report where the Prime Minister of Bahamas was speaking very harshly, I think, to his officials, who sought to turn back a number of Haitians, who have already sought to get into the Bahamas at this point in time,” he said.
The CARICOM Secretary General was addressing journalists from across the region yesterday (Jan. 22) via satellite from Barbados.
He informed that there are also a number of injured persons, who will have to be taken out of Haiti for treatment and that Haiti’s CARICOM neighbours are also willing to accommodate them in their hospitals.
The Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Ministry of National Security are currently mapping an operational plan for dealing with possible refugees, while the Government is developing a comprehensive budget so that funds can be identified for dealing with expenses associated with the initiative.

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