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The permit system introduced by the Trelawny Parish Council to control traffic in the town of Falmouth is reaping success, according to the Mayor, Councillor Colin Gager.
In an interview with JIS News, the Mayor said the system, which was launched in February for parking in designated areas, has been one of the major successes of the council.
“Notwithstanding the volume of construction works on the new cruise ship pier, which seem to engulf the town of Falmouth, we have seen a difference in the way vehicular traffic operates within the town. Since it has been instituted, we have seen more order in the town,” he said.
“Weeks ago we had the taxis parking at different places, causing much confusion and congestion within the busy town, but now that is no more,” the Mayor added.
Councillor Gager said the move to bring strict order to the town is in preparation for the great development that is coming to Falmouth and also to prepare citizens for the “pedestrianisation of the town centre, where all traffic will be diverted to designated parking bays.”
He told JIS News that the logistics were presently being worked out in relation to the establishment of some three designated public parking areas, where motorists could park their vehicles at reduced prices. Mayor Gager also informed that plans were far advanced for the establishment of a modern transportation centre for the town.
Meanwhile, Secretary/Manager of the Trelawny Parish Council, Gerald Lee told JIS News that the permit arrangement for Falmouth allowed motorists to park on designated streets within the town, at a fee. Some of these are: Water Square, Cornwall, Trelawny, King, Market, Falmouth, Sea Board and Georges Streets, as well as Reid Lane and Officer’s Alley.
“The success of the programme can be attributed to a public sensitisation campaign that the council carried out during the month of February. Citizens and motorists alike were educated about the project to be fully enforced in March. I think that the public fully understood what the council was trying to do, hence the level of co-operation that has been demonstrated,” he said.

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