JIS News

Executive Director of the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities, Ransford Wright, has emphasised that persons with disabilities are still able to make significant contributions to nation building.
“Persons with disabilities may sometimes feel down, but they are not out. These persons have potential, all their faculties are in place, and all they need is assistance to move forward. One should never turn their back on the disabled, because it can be anybody’s downfall,” he told JIS News in an interview.
Citing the Para Olympians as one example, Mr. Wright said these disabled athletes, over the years, have made Jamaica proud.
“For parents or caregivers of disabled persons, continue to love your disabled siblings or next of kin. It is important that you help them to move forward, do not let them wait too long to access assistance. Give the love that will help them live a decent life,” he stressed.
He added that persons should start living a positive lifestyle to prevent disabilities. “On the business of prevention, something I would say to Jamaicans is to look at your own lifestyle; because this is what brings about disabilities and it impedes progress,” he said.
The Executive Director is encouraging persons to contact the Council and utilise its services. The numbers to call are: Toll Free 1-888-enabled or 1888-362-2533 and 968-8373.
The Council is a Government agency, mandated to carry out the vocational rehabilitation programmes for persons with disabilities, in order that they can achieve the goals of “full participation and the equalisation of opportunities.”