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The Ministry of Education is advising that schools in Kingston and St. Andrew will be open on Monday (May 31) with the exception of some institutions located in the West Kingston area.
According to a release from the Ministry, the Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town high schools, as well as all adjoining primary, all-age, junior high, infant and basic schools, will remain closed until further notice.
Parents are being urged to use their discretion to decide whether it is safe for their children to attend school, or to engage in other school-related activities.
The Ministry has also recommended that parents of students, who live in affected areas, to consider carefully, on a day-by-day basis, whether the risk level is low enough for their children to travel safely to and from school.
In relation to examination arrangements for schools in Kingston and St. Andrew for Monday, May 31, the following schools will sit examinations at the Overseas Examinations Commission: Kingston Technical High; St. Andrew Technical High; Charlie Smith High; and Trench Town High.
Tivoli Gardens High School students will go to St Hugh’s High School, while students of Denham Town and Kingston High will go to Wolmer’s Boys’ and Girls’ schools to sit their tests.
Students of St. George’s College, Kingston College, Excelsior, Vauxhall and Camperdown high schools, as well as Excelsior Community College, will remain at their campuses for the examinations.