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A donation of 10 hospital beds was made to the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) in St. James today (July 2) by MBJ Airports Limited, to expand the number of patients the facility can accommodate.

MBJ Airports operates the Sangster International Airport in the parish.

The entity will also be donating other equipment, such as infusion pumps and other items, to the hospital at a later date.

Thanking the company for the donation, Senior Medical Officer at the CRH, Dr. Derek Harvey, noted that the beds are needed and came at the ideal time.

“As you may be aware, CRH has been facing challenges with air quality over the past three to four years and as such, we are having a buildout at the back [of the main building] and this donation comes at the opportune time when we are expecting to open another 40-bed-unit within the next month or so,” Dr. Harvey noted.

He said that with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the island now in the hurricane season, the number of patients at the hospital may increase, and the donation will aid in accommodating any potential influx of patients.

“I want to thank MBJ for considering CRH, yet again. We are eternally grateful, and we look forward to the other gifts which are on the way,” Dr. Garvey said.

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of MBJ Airports, Shane Munroe, said he is deeply grateful to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers at Cornwall Regional Hospital for the work that they do “to keep our communities safe in Montego Bay and, by extension, Western Jamaica. For us, this was a natural step, contributing to the healthcare system”.

He also noted that the organisation is appreciative of the efforts of the Government in keeping the communities safe during the pandemic.

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