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The Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James now has a new state-of-the-art 40-slice Computerized Tomography CT) scanner and a digital fluoroscopy machine, which were acquired by the Ministry of Health at a cost of US$1.5 million.
The machines, which form part of a US$10 million project to comprehensively enhance radiography and radiographic services in the public health sector, has equipped the hospital with the best imaging technology available in western Jamaica. The CT scanner and the digital fluoroscopy machine, which produces radiology images without the use of film, allow for more effective detection and treatment of a broader range of illnesses and injuries.
Health Minister, Horace Dalley, who received the machines from Jason Lim of the supplying company Consumable Direct Sales Limited yesterday (Aug. 28) at the hospital, said that the Government is aggressively embarking on a programme to improve the delivery of health care in public hospitals.
“On the improvement of our health services, there must be radiology and radiography facilities . you cannot have a major hospital like Cornwall Regional without the basic tools for medicine such as MRI and CT machines,” he stated.
The Minister said that while he is proud to see the physical improvements at the hospital “as a result of the many contracts that have been signed recently,” priority will be given to improving the facility’s air conditioning system, laundry, and providing a new kitchen.
In the meantime, he commended the management and staff of the hospital for continuing to provide quality health care to the region, despite the challenges. “I believe that the management here at Cornwall Regional is excellent. We have a good clinical and administrative team as well as a good nursing directorate and a good staff, which means well for the hospital. We hope that this will continue,” he said.
Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Sheila Campbell-Forrester, who was also present, said that “this hospital is an important institution for the people of the western region and the South and North East regions, providing a range of essential health services for those in need. The Ministry of Health is therefore committed to its development.
“A priority of the Ministry is the modernization of our health services to meet the present and future needs of the population at affordable costs,” she said, noting that the working conditions for staff must be significantly improved as well.

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