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Cornwall College in St. James has benefited from a US$500,000 endowment fund, which will provide a continuous source of development assistance for the institution.
The fund was set up by the recently formed Cornwall College Trust Limited (CCTL), which is comprised of local and overseas alumni chapters.
At the launch of the fund held on the school grounds recently, CCTL chairman, Jeff McLeod, explained that former students were expected to be the main contributors to the fund, with some support from the general public.
The occasion also saw the group handing over a US$30,000 school bus to the institution. The use of the vehicle is expected to significantly cut the institution’s transportation bill, which is estimated at more than $500,000 per year.
Mr. McLeod explained that the money to purchase the bus was raised both locally and overseas, adding that the unit was handed over fully insured for a year.Principal of the institution, Denham McIntyre, expressed gratitude to the CCTL and all the former students, for the interest they have shown in the development of the institution.
“We must understand that quality education comes at a considerable cost and that it will take the involvement of all stakeholders to assume its timely delivery,” he stated.
Cornwall College, an all boys’ institution, celebrates 110 years of existence this year.

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