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    Mr. Speaker, Members of this Honourable House, it is with a great sense of gratitude and humility that I stand here today to make my contribution to the Sectoral Debate.

    Mr. Speaker, I am mindful of the many persons who have contributed to my being here in this capacity. I am thankful to many.

    To my family and extended family of the North West Clarendon constituency for just being there for me; they have given me the opportunity to be their representative and I am confident that both myself and the People’s National Party can continue to rely on them.

    I am also thankful to the members of my management team, fundraisers and supporters whose encouragement and strong support have strengthened my resolve and who continue to give of their time and resources.

    Mr. Speaker, I wish to say a special thanks to the Most Honourable Prime Minister, Mrs. Portia Simpson-Miller, who through this appointment, and the special confidence she has placed in me, has given me another opportunity to serve the people of Jamaica.

    Thanks also to my Minister, Dr. the Hon. Omar Davies, for his support, his steady leadership of the Ministry for which I am Minister of State, and for allowing me the latitude as Minister of State to discharge the functions assigned to me.

    To my Assistant, Secretaries, Driver, Security assigned to me; to my Councillors I also extend my appreciation. To the Permanent Secretary and members of staff at the Ministry who have provided support and guidance, to them I say heartfelt thanks.

    Thanks to the CEO, Directors, Regional Managers, Parish Managers and other staff of the National Works Agency for their support and guidance, especially during difficult periods. To the many agencies which fall under this Ministry and with which I interact from time to time, I say a big thank you.

    Mr. Speaker, there are a number of persons present in the House today, to whom I am grateful and I extend a cordial welcome to them and my thanks for their continued support.

    And Mr. Speaker,finally but most importantly I wish to thank the Almighty who continues to bless my efforts and help me to find peace and understanding and on whom I rely for my continued health and success.

    Mr. Speaker, my presentation this afternoon will focus primarily on the policies and programmes of the National Works Agency during Fiscal Year 2012/2013. However, before I do so, I would like to highlight some of the achievements of the North West Clarendon Constituency and the programmes that we have pursued during the period under review.

    Mr. Speaker, since being re-elected I am pleased to inform this honourable house that as a result of the policies and programmes of this government led by the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, we have been able to accomplish much…READ MORE

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