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Mr. Speaker, I consider it an honour to be afforded the opportunity to address this Honourable House again as the Member for South East St. Ann and to participate in the Sectoral Debate for the second time as Minister with responsibility for Youth and Culture.

In the gallery this afternoon are some of the most resilient and hardworking people that Jamaica has produced. They are my constituents, my staff at my constituency office and my Councillors. I truly could not do what I do without them and I want to express my sincere commitment and appreciation to them for all the support they have given and continue to give me.

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Over the past year, we have spent more than 110 million dollars to patch and rehabilitate roads with retaining walls in the constituency. We have also secured the necessary funding for the rehabilitation of the Moneague post Office (which will commence shortly), the Drumily Community Centre, the Moneague Community Centre, The Rio Hoe Community Centre, Beecher Town Cultural Centre & for the Beecher Town Primary School Resource Centre. The Bauxite Community Development Programme has sponsored our sports programme for netball and cricket this summer for our children and youth to the tune of $1,275,450.00.

Last year, we offered free CXC classes in mathematics and we saw 100% passes for those who sat the exams. We have since expanded the programme to include Social Studies & English Language. The initiative is being co-sponsored by the Bauxite Community Development Programme to include the establishment of an Information Technology Centre in Rural Retreat at a cost of $1.8 million. Through our advocacy the Ministry of Education has also approved the building of second high school in Moneague.

Download Contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate by Minister of Youth and Culture, the Hon. Lisa Hanna

We have made an important step in water access and distribution through the signing of an MoU between JBI & NWC giving access to the Lydford Wells. This will improve water access across the constituency once the NWC’s K Factor Programme gets underway this year.

Mr. Speaker let me thank the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing for its spearheading and supervision of the North South Highway, which will run through the majority of my Constituency. That project and the jobs to be provided shortly will be transformative both during construction and after completion. We met and toured the area with the Chinese investors last week and they have told us what they need.

Mr. Speaker, I am here as a Member of Parliament and Minister of Youth and Culture because of the people in South East St. Ann. I want to express my gratitude to the children and young people with whom I have interacted this past year and who I have the distinct privilege to represent. I thank them for their support, their frank and honest opinions, all of which have allowed me to have an even better understanding of the issues surrounding this generation and what we need to do going forward…READ MORE

Download Contribution to the 2013/2014 Sectoral Debate by Minister of Youth and Culture, the Hon. Lisa Hanna

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