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Cabinet has approved contracts to two European suppliers to continue work in the second phase of the Government of Jamaica (GOJ)/European Union (EU) Water Supply Project.
This was disclosed by Information Minister, Senator Burchell Whiteman at the weekly post Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House yesterday(September 19).
Minister Whiteman said Gazzina Trading in Italy has been awarded a contract valued at $264.4 million to provide pipes, fittings pressure filters and spares, while Farmex Technologies, based in France, would supply the compact water treatment plant and pumps and electrical equipment. This contract is valued at $56.1 million.
Funding for the two contracts, he explained, “is being paid for by grant funds under the European Development Fund (EDF) arrangements with the Jamaican government, aimed at providing some assistance to Jamaica as it seeks to ensure that all of our people, particularly in rural Jamaica, have access to potable water”.
Several communities in four parishes across the island are slated to benefit from the on-going Water Supply Project. In Clarendon, within the Milk River vicinity, some 6,000 persons are expected to improve their accessibility to piped water in the communities of Milk River, Rest, Cherry Hill, Ramble Pen, Priddles, and Milk River Spa and Bath.
Some 11,000 persons in Shettlewood, Hanover should benefit in the communities of Content, Copse, Friendship, Lethe, Miles Town, Chester Castle, Burnt Ground and Belvedere.
In Spaldings, Manchester, an estimated 44,000 persons are expected to benefit in the districts of White Shop, Santa Hill, Alston, Baillieston, and Zinc Shop.Meanwhile, in the St. Margaret’s Bay/Hope Bay area of Portland, about 6,000 residents of the communities of Union Hill, Burlington, Cooling Spring, Passley Gardens and Caenon Road are expected to benefit from the project.
The water supply project, including actual construction, is expected to conclude in two years.

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