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Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Port Authority of Jamaica, Noel Hylton, signed contracts on Thursday (Feb. 12) for the fourth phase expansion of the Kingston container terminal. The signing took place at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.
With regard to the Kingston Container Terminal, the US$46 million project will increase the capacity of the terminal by 25 per cent. The overall programme would include capital works on the north and south terminals as well as procurement of operational equipment, mainly gantry cranes, to replace obsolete units, Mr. Pickersgill explained. In essence, the work will serve to address the physical shortcomings of the north terminal as well as expand and upgrade the south terminal.
He said work on the north terminal was of particular importance as that terminal, first constructed in the early 1970s, was the cradle of the container terminal. “Until the mid 1990s, the north terminal was the centre of all operations and represented the entire profile of the terminal,” he pointed out, adding that, “this contract will serve to expand capacity, enhance operational efficiency and berthing convenience at the terminal.these are all critical components required to meet the challenge of fierce competition in both the regional and international market”.
The scope of the contract as it relates to the north terminal includes demolition and reconstruction of north terminal berths numbers 10, 11 and 11A involving 447 metres of existing berth and the construction of 502 metres of new berths as well as construction of 5.2 hectares of container storage yard and putting in place underground services.
The contract will also see the construction of 630 metres of pavement; the installation of a high mast for the container yard extension and a three-storey berth side building for marine operations.
Meanwhile, regarding the south terminal the contract will provide for the construction of 91 metres of berth extension among other works. The contractors are E. Pihl & Son and the implementation of the contract has been scheduled for 21 months in two phases. The first phase will span 15 months while phase two will last for six months and the project is to be completed by July 2006.
Another contract related to the Kingston Container Terminal was also signed to construct a 264-metre long boundary wall at the old Zinc Factory building, which is adjacent to the northwestern boundary of the terminal. This project, which is valued at just under J$14 million is scheduled for completion in 17 weeks.
Minister Pickersgill informed that the property was being refurbished and prepared to facilitate relocation of a company currently located in the Kingston Free Zone. The fourth phase expansion of the Terminal involved encroachment on a portion of the Kingston Free Zone property on the east, adjacent to the north terminal.
Consequently, Mr. Pickersgill divulged, companies in that area of the Zone, including Jamaica Container Repair Services Limited, were being relocated. The company’s operations require close association with the port, which is provided by the zinc factory property. The contract was signed with Matrix Engineering Works Limited.

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