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Contractor General, Greg Christie is proposing that an Independent National Anti-Corruption Agency be established, with powers to investigate and prosecute in a more cost-effective way.
In the Office of the Contractor General’s 23rd Annual Report, which was recently tabled in Parliament, Mr. Christie said he would formally propose this year, that the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, the Corruption Prevention Commission, and the Commission of the Contractor General be merged, and that this resultant agency be adequately resourced with the requisite special capabilities.
“The suggested agency should be comprehensively staffed to include a highly trained cadre of criminal investigators and special ops team members – who will bear arms and have special police powers of arrest – special attorneys, criminal prosecutors, forensic auditors, accountants, IT professionals, Government contract and licenced inspectors and investigators, data analysts, researchers and a full complement of back office administrative and other support staff,” Mr. Christie said in the report.
He said the job of these personnel would be collectively, to investigate and prosecute corruption related offences, as well as to generally perform all of the other statutory functions, which are presently discharged by the three named commissions.
The Contractor General also proposed that consideration be given to the creation of a special corruption court, or that the adjudication of corruption offences be given special treatment in the present court system.
“It is perceived that the proposed streamlined and consolidated effort would, among other things, eliminate the overlaps and duplicity of resources,” he said.

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