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A contract valued at $6.6 million has been signed to rehabilitate the Ken Wright Cruise Ship Pier in Port Antonio, Portland.
The contract, signed on Thursday (Feb. 12) by Transport and Works Minister, Robert Pickersgill and Chief Executive Officer of the Port Authority, Noel Hylton will involve the replacement of 12 H-Piles at the pier, which will support the East Dolphin Pier.
Other development projects carried out last year by the Port Authority in the shipping industry included the construction and upgrading of the Cruise Shipping Terminal building and surrounding areas, including beaches and other hospitality facilities at the Port Antonio Marina.
Minister Pickersgill pointed out that since the transfer of total cruise shipping operations to the Authority, a number of initiatives had been pursued to expand and upgrade all cruise shipping facilities. “While the port and shipping sector is prominently centred on the container transshipment port, programmes are under way to broaden the scope of the industry and in this drive cruise shipping is accorded major priority,” he added.
The Transport and Works Minister, further noted that dredging programmes designed to enhance the depth and width of sea lanes had been undertaken at the Ports of Montego Bay and Port Antonio to accommodate the new generation of large ships.
One of the objectives of the Port Antonio Marina project, he said, was to assist with the permanent restoration of tourism and cruise shipping in particular, to Portland and the region. “Already, we are beginning to see the fruits of our efforts, since the current cruise ship season, several ship calls have been made to Port Antonio,” the Minister remarked.
“Our policy of ongoing expansion and upgrading in all sectors of our industry, together with aggressive presence in the international marketplace, will continue. We are confident that world-class infrastructure and efficient service at competitive costs will continue to see success attending our efforts,” Mr. Pickersgill assured.

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