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A contract valued at $19.2 million was signed today (May 7), by the Minister of Health, Horace Dalley for the construction of a Type Three health clinic at James Hill in Clarendon.
The clinic will serve eight communities, including Corner Shop, Red Hills, Trout Hall, Crooked River, Grandfield, Nine Turns, Grantham and Johns Hall.
Currently, residents in these communities have to travel miles to attend health centres located at Chapelton and Christiana. Construction of the health centre will last for four months.
“It is indeed a very happy day for the citizens of James Hill. For many years the people have suffered from three main social amenities – telephone, a good water supply, so that they can do their domestic chores, and most importantly a very good up to date health facility,” said Mr. Dalley at the signing ceremony, held at the Ministry of Health.
A Type Three health clinic provides full medical services: pharmaceutical, dental, maternal and child welfare, nutrition, family planning and immunisation.
In the meantime, the Minister announced that $10 million would be spent this year to facilitate repairs to several health centres across the island.
“We will be focussing on the smaller health centres that do not need much to repair. I do not want to have any health centre suffering from leaking roof when all you need is 15 sheets of zinc to fix it,” said Mr. Dalley.
“Our health workers, our nurses and our community health aides have been working hard and I think they deserve a comfortable environment,” he added.
The Minister said that work could not be done on all 400 health centres this year, and that priority would be given to those in the worst condition.
The contract to construct the health centre in James Hill has been awarded to Walcan and Associates.

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