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The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is advising consumers to be vigilant about getting a receipt when they are making transactions.

Speaking at a virtual event, ‘Jamaica Consumer Talks’, on Wednesday, December 2, Regional Officer at the CAC, Richard Rowe, encouraged consumers to desist from leaving business places with a product or item without securing adequate evidence of the purchase.

“Too many consumers are purchasing items without a receipt and there are also receipts that don’t tell you anything. The vendor has a duty to give consumers a proper receipt,” he said.

Mr. Rowe added that receipts must have the purchase price paid by the consumer, the date the purchase is made and a description of the goods or services sold.

He also recommended that consumers do their due diligence on the business places before deciding on a specific vendor from whom to purchase an item.

“Be careful when doing business with merchants, choose wisely who you do business with, and get to know the provider before completing a purchase with them,” he said.

Mr. Rowe also suggested that consumers get evidence of warranty for their purchases.

“An important part of the receipt is the warranty, as it is not enough to rely on word of mouth. Do not take these things for granted, as if there is an issue with the item, you will need that information,” he added.

The CAC is the national agency responsible for consumer advocacy. For further information, persons can call 876-906-5425 or email

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