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Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC), Mrs. Dolsie Allen, has said that the use of the Consumer Alert publication is an effective medium of keeping consumers informed, so they can exercise greater intelligence in their purchasing decisions.
Speaking at a Think Tank held yesterday (Oct. 29) at the JIS office in Kingston, Mrs. Allen pointed out that the bi-weekly publication of food and petrol prices is part of the Commission’s efforts to educate consumers on the best prices across the country and encourage them to spend wisely, especially during these challenging times.
“Consumer Alert works as a guide to both consumers and vendors by keeping them informed as to the availability of basic food items and the cost at various outlets in and around the corporate area,” she said.
She added that the publication assists shoppers, as it identifies the actual areas where the supermarkets are located and can identify the products that are being sold for the best prices. Those with the lower prices are highlighted in green, with the higher prices in red.
As it relates to petrol prices, the CEO encouraged consumers to shop around for the best prices and only use gas stations where the prices are visibly displayed.
“It is amazing in the disparity in prices from one gas station to another, even those in close proximity. I am advocating for persons to boycott those gas stations that do not put up their prices on display boards.shop at places that are consumer friendly,” Mrs. Allen advised.
She stressed the need for consumers to “be more knowledgeable, discriminating and vigilant” when making purchases and continuously exercise their rights and responsibilities.

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