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Jamaica’s Honorary Consul General to Turkey, Hon. Arnold Foote, says he is confident that the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations will continue to be effective in promoting cooperation among member countries around the world.

He was addressing a reception held in New York recently, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Convention.

The international treaty, adopted at the United Nations Conference on Consular Relations in 1963, outlines the operations of consulates, the functions of consular agents, and addresses the privileges and immunities granted to consular officials.

Its adoption was based on the principle that an international convention on consular relations, would contribute to the development of friendly relations among nations, irrespective of their differing constitutional and social systems.

Mr. Foote, who is also President of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC), congratulated the UN on the achievements of the Convention over the 50 years.

He noted that the practice of mutual respect and adherence to the principals recognised in the Convention will continue to guide the promotion of consular collaboration.

He noted that while the origin of the Consular institution can be traced back to ancient Greece, it was not until the 12th Century that the first figure of Consul emerged and developed to its present and more complex structure.

He pointed out that the FICAC, which was established in Copenhagen in October 1982, was born out of the necessity to bring together Consular Corps and Consular Associations to share experiences and to coordinate efforts to enhance the effectiveness and status of the Consul.

The Federation, he said, has achieved international recognition, credibility and influence. Today, the FICAC has over 90 participating countries, associations and affiliates with several thousand Consul members.

The membership is a network of highly connected individuals, whose determined focus, combined expertise and resources can be used to impact the world for good.

Contact: Judith A. Hunter