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The Honourable Arnold Foote, OJ, has been re-elected the Dean of the Consular Corps for the year 2011 -2012 at their recently held Annual General Meeting. Honourable Mr Foote is also the President of the World Federation of Consuls and Honorary Consul General to Turkey; he is currently in his seventh term as Dean of the Consular Corps and has led with distinction during his tenure.

The Executive Members of the Corps for the Administrative Year 2011-2012 are also listed below:

Vice-Dean                  Honorary Consul Grantley Stephenson                       Norway

Treasurer                   Honorary Consul Indera Persaud                                Guyana

Secretary                   Honorary Consul Robert Scott                                    Latvia

Executive Member     Honorary Consul Irena Cousins                                  Poland

Executive Member     Honorary Consul Thalia Lyn                                       Thailand

Executive Member     Honorary Consul Lois Sherwood                                Lithuania

Immediate Past DeanHonorary Consul Robert Macmillan                              Iceland

Co-opted Members     Honorary Consul Joseph Handal                                Jordan

                                    Honorary Consul Josef Forstmayr                              Austria

                                    Madai Hernandes                                                      Venezuela

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