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WASHINGTON — Jamaica's Consul General in New York, Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger, has been selected as the Honorary Carnival Referee for the 117th Penn Relay Games in Philadelphia.

The Penn Relays will be held from April 28 to 30 at Franklin Field, on the University of Pennsylvania campus, in Philadelphia.

Dr. Brown Metzger will join the corps of Penn Relays officials and assist in presenting the awards to the winners, including to those from Jamaica. 

“The Consul General has aided greatly in strengthening ties between the Relays and the large Jamaican community, both those living in the United States and those in Jamaica,” noted Dave Johnson, Director of Relays.

Jamaica has played a major role in the Penn Relays for decades with a continuous showing of world class track and field athletes, from Herb McKinley to Usain Bolt. 

“This acknowledgement came as a complete surprise and I am honoured to have been selected.  It has always been a source of pride for me to see the Penn Relays field light up with black, green and gold over and over again during the games, signalling the prowess of our athletes,” the Consul General told JIS News.


By Derrrick Scott,

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