JIS News

Jamaica’s Consul General to South Florida, in the United States, Sandra Grant Griffiths, has given an undertaking to ensuring that the Jamaican brand remains visible in communities in that region.
This, she says, she hopes to achieve by maximising outputs from the Jamaican Consulate General in Miami.
Speaking at a reception hosted for representatives of Caribbean and mainstream media entities by the Consulate General and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), in Miami on September 17, Mrs. Grant Griffiths said she aims to position the Jamaican Mission in the southern US city, to be more “user friendly”, by taking its services to the communities in and around that metropolis and, in the process, provide individuals with information on “Brand Jamaica”.
The Consul General said that, in so doing, she hoped to generate and heighten interest in and awareness of the various projects and programmes pertaining to Jamaica’s culture, and the opportunities which exist for investment in and trade with the country. These, she contended, would redound to the benefit of Jamaica’s national development, and the wider Diaspora.
Mrs. Grant Griffiths, who outlined strategies of engagement, support, and facilitation in her thrust, gave an undertaking to review methodologies, mechanisms, processes, and channels already in place, to see how best these could be further developed. She stressed, however, that where positive results were being yielded there were no plans to adopt a “new and different approach” to what obtained, and pledged to engage and work with the media in this regard.
The nearly 30 media representatives, who attended the reception, were taken on a tour of the Consulate’s facilities, which now occupy much larger offices in the Ingraham Building in downtown Miami, enabling it to provide improved services to its clients.
A large number of Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals in South Florida, are served through a range of media networks, covering broadcast and press facilities, web-links services, and promotional, and public relations agencies.