JIS News

Governor General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke has re-appointed the Hon. Dennis Lalor, O.J., Hon. Ll. D., and the Hon. Mr. Justice Ransford Langrin, C.D., as members of the Constituted Authority.
This has been done in accordance with Section 40C of the Parish Councils Act and after consultation with Prime Minister P. J. Patterson and the Leader of the Opposition, Edward Seaga.
A release from King’s House today (November 23) said that the re-appointments have been done as a consequence of the Local Government by-elections to be held on November 25.
The three selected members of the Electoral Advisory Committee (EAC) will also comprise the Constituted Authority. They are Professor Errol Miller, Chairman of the EAC; Dr. Herbert Thompson, President of Northern Caribbean University; and Dorothy Pine McLarty.
Members of the Constituted Authority are invested with powers to halt an election in any division, or to request the Election Court to void an election and hold a fresh one if there are malpractices.

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