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An important principle of Cabinet and Government is collective responsibility. This morning you have all taken the Oath of Office committing to being Members of Cabinet and thereby accepting collective responsibility for the present and future of Jamaica.
Let me extend congratulations to you for being appointed to undertake this responsibility, and thank you for your willingness to serve.
We all would be indebted to you if you could address the challenges we face as a country at the domestic level, while maintaining and advancing our interests at the regional and international levels.
The collective contributions and legacies of which we are all beneficiaries today, constitute real benchmarks and present challenges for my generation as well as for future generations.
We cannot easily ignore the significant national challenges that we face today, but I am optimistic about the future of our country because I am confident that we have the will, the expertise and the imagination to find solutions that will enable us to continue on the path of national prosperity and social well-being.
The newly appointed Prime Minister gave her commitment to pay particular attention to:”X Eradicate corruption, extortion, crime and violence”X To address deficiencies in the education system”X To foster opportunities for employment and wealth creation, and”X To advance and protect the interests of all Jamaicans
Collective responsibility is critical as you work in concert to confront these challenges. I urge all of you to draw on our accumulated experience and isolate those fundamental aspects of our culture that we would wish to transmit to future generations.
Jamaicans at home and abroad are very proud to have you as their leaders and they have great expectations. It is our hope that you will fulfill and exceed these expectations.
Please accept by very best wishes on your appointment and be assured of the continued support of the people of Jamaica.

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