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KINGSTON — Residents of the March Pen Road community in St. Catherine, are to benefit from the establishment of a computer laboratory during this financial year.

As outlined in the 2011/12 Estimates of Expenditure,  now before  the House of Representatives, $4 million has been allotted to establish the laboratory, which will be used for adult literacy and training in information technology. It will also feature an Internet café.

This activity falls under the Community Crime Prevention Programme. As at September, 2010, a physical drawing/plan of the facility had been prepared.

For the 2011 to 2012 period, it is envisaged that the computer laboratory will be set up and existing space retrofitted to accommodate 15 work stations.  A total of 15 computers are to be procured, installed and commissioned.  Furniture and equipment are also to be provided.

The initiative is being implemented by the Ministry of National Security. It is being funded by the Belgian Government.



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