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    A computer laboratory was opened at Harmons All-age School in Manchester on June 5.
    Construction of the building and donation of the computers were sponsored by the One By One organization, a Christian mission operating out of Pennsylvania in the United States.
    Addressing the opening ceremony, Principal of the school, Georgia Waugh-Richards said the gesture by the organization was a good reflection of stakeholder partnership.
    “This occasion is a true reflection of what strong stakeholder partnership can produce. The entire block was donated by the One By One organization. Past Principal, Mrs. Clara Stewart echoed the Macedonian call, One By One heeded this call, and today we are here to celebrate the real benefit of true partnership. Indeed, our school and wider community can now visit the world over, and further to that, information is now just the click of a mouse away from our school and community. No longer are we bound by time and space,” Mrs. Waugh- Richards said.
    Expressing his delight at seeing the project completed, Board member of the sponsoring group, Cash Carpenter told the gathering that the future is much brighter for the Harmons community.
    “The project took three years to complete. It is good that future generations and children here have a great opportunity, and it’s just exciting to see the future blessings that are going to come from this computer lab. The children are our future, and being a part of the community, I have many relationships with the children and we will work with them so that they can benefit fully from the lab,” Mr. Carpenter said.
    Members of the Board have dedicated the building housing the computer laboratory in honour of former Principal, Clara Stewart. The school has a population of 132 students.

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