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A contract worth some $3.5 million has been signed by the Jamaica Social Investment fund (JSIF) for the Wakefield Primary School project in Trelawny.
The project will involve completion of a 70 square metre classroom to be used as a computer laboratory, and rehabilitation of the front entrance and side road leading to the school.

Wakefield Primary School
computer room which is under construction

Speaking at the signing ceremony at the school recently, Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager at JSIF, Donald Miller, said the project would be undertaken through the Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP), with funds provided by the European Union (EU) to finance development projects in the nation’s poorest communities.
He pointed out that a significant feature of the PRP was that participating Community Based Organisations (CBOs) were expected to be fully responsible for the management and implementation of the projects.”This means that the CBOs will be in charge of the procurement of goods and services, the provision of work on the infrastructure, and the overall management of the project,” he added.
Mr. Miller explained that any community which received funds from JSIF under the PRP was expected to make a contribution of at least 25 per cent of the total cost of the project.
He said the Wakefield Primary School Benevolent Society had agreed to organize and provide discounted labour for the project; storage and security for the construction materials; clear the work site, and supervise the project.
Mr. Miller explained that JSIF’s role was essentially that of facilitator. “It is the Benevolent Society, which will be in charge of the project. Therefore, let me encourage every member to act responsibly and with integrity, as you will be spearheading the development, not only for this school, but also for your entire community,” he added.
Project Manager of the PRP, Gangolf Schmidt, pointed out that members of the school’s Parent Teachers Association began constructing the computer laboratory, but funding was inadequate, so the project stalled.
He also pointed out that the access road and entrance to the school were prone to flooding, so the project would seek to correct the problem. The project is expected to be completed within three months.

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